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 Quality Translation and DTP Services
  We Are Native and Expert in Middle Eastern Languages

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KurdGlobal Offers...

localization and globalization services to such different industries as automotive, aviation and shipping, banking & finance, civil engineering, electronics and high-tech, human sciences, IT and software, journalism, marketing and advertisement, media and publishing, medicine & health , oil & gas, telecommunications,  tourism, transportation and so on.
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KurdGlobal translators, both in-house and out-house, are well-experienced and possess extensive knowledge in their areas of specialty.
We offer guaranteed quality at a very competitive price.

KurdGlobal enjoys  highly qualified graphic designing, formatting and DTP specialists that are capable of working with any format and in any software environment. We can prepare your material in different ways both virtual and physical with its quality guaranteed.

We know the market and the demands of  your clients. Being highly familiar with  the local culture and enjoying the latest technological achievements, we do our best to replicate the original effect in the localized version of your product.

KurdGlobal is the oldest company offering translation and localization services between major European business languages and the Middle Eastern languages as well as some other languages of the North Africa and East Asia regions.

Our translators are native in their target language and very experienced in their areas of specialty. For more information about our languages of service see "languages" page.

As kinds of cultural and linguistic adaptation, translation and  localization enable the local market to have a better understanding of foreign companies services and they also enable the companies to enter the global markets more effectively and with lower costs.

utilizes the latest technologies to offer its clients reliable services to make their product native of the target market.